Jul 12, 2013

July Release Sneak Peek #1

This month I'll release only two new digital stamps on next Monday, 15th. I bought a new drawing program last month and I've been learning how to use it. As you know, the older we get, the more difficult it is to learn something new. (lol!) So it took me over twice as long to complete one digital stamp than usual! (grrr....)

Anyways here is a sneak peek of a new digi!

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  1. Extremely adorable. Torico-san, do you know which is the finest tip electronic nib for the Wacoam Bamboo tablet? The stylus that came with it draws way too thick of lines. Thought I could pick your brain? I can't draw even kindergarten level LOL. Thank you if you know. Aloha ♥

    1. Hi Rosy,

      Actually I don't use a pen tablet when I draw a digital illustration. I use a mouse only. I have tried a pen tablet, but I'm hopeless at it. LOL! So, I have no good info for you. Can't you change the setting of sensitivity?