Jun 12, 2013

June Release Sneak Peek #1

Next Saturday, 15th is the release day at Birdie Brown! This month, all of the new images were hand drawn. And I hope you can 'bear' with me... because I will release a couple of bear images again! LOL!!

The big bear is having a birthday party with his little friend. Do you think he can wait to bite the cake until they finish singing "Happy Birthday to You"?


  1. I see cake :). Can't wait for the full reveal

    Hugs ~ Mette

  2. I think he's thinking that it's too small to share! Love this already Torico!

  3. I have a favorite children's book that I used to read to my kids called You and Me Little Bear and the sneak peeks of this bear are bringing back memories of those bedtime moments. Thanks for that!

  4. Yay! I almost missed the sneak peeks. June is my birthday month and I'm very partial to bears! Perfect release if you ask me. ;)

    1. I mean to say, "Yay! I made it to the sneak peeks... I almost missed them.", blushing in embarrassment.