Jan 21, 2012

Projects by Readers

Here are cute mini cards from La Papera Gialla. (I know this isn't her real name but her blog's name. I thought she wanted to keep her real name secret, so I just said "from La Papera Gialla.")

The green card base works so well with the image, and the punched corners are so cute.:)

And here is another projuect by Snehal. This time she created a cute busket.

Thank you for sharing!

I look forward to seeing your creations using my digi, everyone! Please don't hesitate to share with us!:)
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Have a great weekend!!



  1. Thanks for sharing my project.I love your images Torico

  2. Thank you Torico!
    It's so exciting to see my little cards in your blog!

  3. gorgeous makes by both gals! The first is so fresh and fun and the second soooo sweet!!